Origin of Matter and the outside of the Universe

Yosef Joseph Segman


This short paper is to provide answer to the question what is there outside the Universe? If the Universe is expending, what does it expend into? An answer was provided, the universe is expanding into its complementary universe. If that is so, then what the complementary universe is? A new perception is provided that matter exist as a logical state. What is the logical state creating matter? This question is being answered by the relationship between the universe and its complementary universe satisfying the equilibrium equation that total matter of both universes, the inner universe (our universe) and the complementary universe (everything which is not the inner universe e.g. the outside universe), collapse into zero, i.e. no matter. Furthermore, the existence of matter out of void is a logical state resulted from the void existence.


Void; Complementary; Void Complementary; Universe; Universe Complementary; Metaphysics; Logic; Brain; Neural Network; Synchronization; Synchronized Groups; Order; Disorder; Universe expansion; Linear Schrödinger Representation; Frequency; Phase; Holograms

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23756/sp.v8i1.513


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