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Ratio Mathematica


Ratio Mathematica is a historical journal of Mathematics and Statistics that has been publishing scientific articles for more than thirty years. Ratio Mathematica, founded by Prof. Franco Eugeni, was born in 1990 in Pescara, a city located in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Since the first years of activity, the journal has always been characterized by a strong internationalization.

Ratio Mathematica is an open-access journal that publishes an issue every six months (in June and December). The journal is interested in original research articles on theoretical and applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Only English-language publications are accepted. We invite authors who are not native speakers to use external services to check the grammar and correctness of the English language. A paper with an unsatisfactory level of the English language will not be considered for publication, regardless of the mathematical and statistical content.

The main topics of interest for Ratio Mathematica are:

-Advances in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics;
-Decision-making in conditions of uncertainty;
-Fuzzy logic;
-Probability theory;
-New theories for dissemination and communication of mathematics and statistics.

The journal is interested in both methodology and applications but in both cases a component of originality and innovation is essential in order to consider the submission for publication. For this reason, simple applications of known methods are not of interest to the journal.

Ratio Mathematica is included in the UGC care list (Group I). The Group I is composed of the Journals found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols (University Grant Commission - Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics). https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/Apps1/Home/Index

Ratio Mathematica is included in the list of scientific journals recognized by ANVUR (Italian national agency of evaluation of the university and research system) in:
- Area 13 - Economic and statistical sciences.
- Area 11 - Historical, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences.



Recommendations for submitting authors: we invite the authors to submit their paper and in particular the metadata with extreme care. The metadata entered will be public in case of acceptance of the paper. In particular:

- Use the full names and surnames, without abbreviations;

- Always enter the names of all authors and correct affiliations;

- Do not use capital letters where not necessary, both in the title of the work and in the names of the authors;


- In the submission phase, it is required to provide the names, affiliations and email addresses of three possible referees who could be contacted in case of need. This element is essential and should be entered in the "Comments for the editor" section. If the authors do not provide this information, the paper will not be processed because the submission is considered incomplete and after one month it will be automatically deleted from the platform. The possible referees indicated must be scholars belonging to university structures other than the authors and with whom the authors have no conflicts of interest of any economic nature;

- Provide the ORCID number of each author;

- Upload the manuscript in the most recent available journal's Section.

Submit your original paper online (Please contact fabmatu@gmail.com to ask for user and password).


Indexing: Ratio Mathematica is abstracted and indexed in: 


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The printed copies of the journal are stored at the National Library of Florence and Provincial Library of Pescara, Italy.



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Science & Philosophy


Science & Philosophy is an international, peer-reviewed open-access journal, published every six months (June-December). Science & Philosophy aims to publish original research articles, but also short communication and review papers of general significance that are written clearly and well organized.

The journal is a source of information for professionals in a wide range of scientific discipline. Indeed, Science & Philosophy is a multi-disciplinary journal that covers fundamental and applied research in various areas related to Science, Epistemology and Philosophy, including Mathematics, Statistics, and Social Science.

Both English and Italian languages are accepted for publications. In the case of an article in Italian, it is necessary to provide the title, the abstract, and the keywords also in English.

The journal is oriented on the scientific analysis of social phenomena, both by developing research with quantitative and qualitative methods and by interpreting with philosophical criticism.
Science & Philosophy has its focus in the study of social phenomena both macro and micro, using the interdisciplinary approach of the social sciences, from economics to law, from politics to sociology, from history to social statistics. 

The journal focuses on the analysis of both phenomena and trends, for designing local developments and systems ecology. Scientific analysis is supported by an ethic of sociability.



Science & Philosophy has been elected by the National Evaluation Agency of the Italian University System (ANVUR) as an "A" journal in "Logic and Philosophy of Science" - Area: 11/C2.

Science & Philosophy has also been recognized as a scientific journal of the Area 10 - Ancient, philological-literary and historical-artistic sciences. 

We inform you that the journal Science & Philosophy has been accepted by ANVUR as a scientific journal of Area 14 on April 7, 2020, with retroactive effect. This means that all articles published from 1st January 2016 are considered as "scientific articles" for the purpose of the national scientific qualification for first and second level professors.





Submit your original paper online (If you do not have the credentials, please ask for user and password to fabmatu@gmail.com)



Science & Philosophy is included in the list of scientific journals recognized by ANVUR (NATIONAL AGENCY OF EVALUATION OF THE UNIVERSITY AND RESEARCH SYSTEM) in Area 11 - Historical, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences, and in Area 14 - Political and social sciences.

Indexing: Science & Philosophy is abstracted and indexed in: 


The printed copies of the journal are stored at the National Library of Florence and Provincial Library of Pescara, Italy.

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