The Pedagogist's Professional Practice and the Clinical Method

Franco Blezza


The "clinical" method is one of the possible methodological choices for Pedagogy as a profession and as a research, for Social Sciences and for other sciences, as well as for the professions that refer to these sciences.

It can also be called "casuistic and situational method", and it is an exclusive alternative to the statistical operational method, with a full community of scientific rigor and technical applicativeness.

It consists in the consideration of the individual case and of the single person with all its specific symptomatic and phenomenal characteristics, through the mediation of the professional to a general case within the limited number of general cases whose corpus makes science, profession and scientific and professional community, and in obtaining the indications for the help and the service to whom the professional has addressed.

A particular reflection is dedicated to the specific technique for the transition from the particular to the general through the mediation provided by the professional, that is through human mediation, according to a non-tautological technique known from ancient Greece with the name of "abduction" or "retroduction" "Ἐπιχείρημα” or “Reductio ad absurdum” by Zeno from Elea (489-430), or 'απαγωγή known to Aristoteles (384-322).

The theme offers a precious opportunity for various reflections on the profession of pedagogist and on his practice: a profession that has recently had its legal recognition in Italy too.


Pedagogy; Professional Pedagogist; Social Sciences; Methodology; Aid’s Relationship

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