Procedura di Calcolo del Reddito Lordo a Partire dal Reddito Netto: Alcune Note sui Sistemi Fiscali

Giuseppe Di Biase


In this paper a procedure able to compute the gross income starting from the net income is proposed. Moreover a real world application to some European countries shows the effectiveness of this computation in order to investigate about economic problems such as income inequalities and the effects of the fiscal systems on citizens


Net income; Gross income; Income inequality; Fiscal systems

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D’Amico G., Di Biase G. and Manca R. (2012) Income inequality dynamc measurement of Markov models: Application to some European countries. Economic Modelling, 29, 1598-1602.

D’Amico G., Di Biase G. and Manca R. (2013) Tax Effects on Income Inequality Forecasting: Evidence from Germany, Greece and Italy. To appear on Panoeconomicus, available on http://farmacia/

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