Some New Odd prime Graphs

Meena S, Gajalakshmiy G


For a graph G, a bijection f is called an odd prime labeling , if f
from V to f1; 3; 5; ::::; 2jV j - 1g for each edge uv in G the greatest
common divisor of the labels of end vertices (f(u); f(v)) is one. In
this paper we investigate the existence of odd prime labeling of some
new classes of graphs and we prove that the graphs such as the Z -Pn
graph, Fish graph, Umbrella graph, Cocount tree , F-tree, Y -tree and
Double Sunflower graph are odd prime graphs.


Odd prime graph, Z − Pn graph, Fish graph, Umbrella graph,Cocount tree , F-tree, Y -tree, Double Sunflower graph.

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