White Hole existence on the inverse universe

Shunji Mitsuyoshi, Eigo Shintani, Kosuke Tomonaga, Yuichi Tei


The existence of White Hole (WH) has been suggested by Schwarzschild solution to the Einstein field equation as a time-reversed Black Hole (BH), besides there has not been observational evidence for their existence yet. Our idea of the “inverse universe”, in which we introduce the time-reversed kinematics as another geometric state, can explain that WH should appear in such a geometry after a matter falls into a BH. In this work, we present a new operation for WH conversion from BH, and by using it the nearly infinity point on the universe, for instance the inside of BH, is geometrically connected to the inside of WH on the inverse universe. Such a conversion is useful to provide the simple solution to the problem of “information loss” in BH. Furthermore, we find another conversion point as the prior geometric state to the Big Bang, and we propose a new cosmology of cyclic universe.


White hole; Black hole Information Loss; Dark Energy; Cyclic Universe

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23756/sp.v10i2.869


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