Cognition and Reality

Aaron Fu


My study rebuilds the basic cognitive principle to approach the true form of motion reality. Scientific study and development has  always been led by facts but has never been able to reach the basic truth. This is related to our basic sensory and cognitive modes. Our cognition and practices have been developed based on functionally created facts which are at odds with the motion directed natural principle formed in reality. Our basic sensory form is integrated by interactive features formed based on interactions between our senses and environment. We do not sense the true motion features of reality. This cognitive mode successfully meets our survival needs of interacting with the environment. However, for the development of a sustainable civilization it’s necessary to break through the ultimate barrier between cognition and reality. We need to realize the functions and limitations of our cognitive mode and how that effects human social practice and development, and most importantly, the natural world. This is the way to fundamentally understand and solve the societal and environmental problems caused by human development.

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Fu, A. (2019). Sense and Motion: The Barrier Preventing Us from Understanding Motion. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN PHYSICS, 16(1), 372-376.



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