W8 - Curvature Tensor in Generalized Sasakian Space Forms

Gyanvendra Pratap Singh, R Rajan, Anand Kumar Mishra, Pawan Prajapati


The generalized Sasakian-space-forms and their properties have been examined by various researchers such as Alegre and Carriazo [2008], Prakasha [2012], Sarkar and Akbar [2014], Shanmukha et al. [2018], Sarkar and Sen [2012], Rajan and Singh [2020] and Sarkar and Sen [2012]. Motivated by the results of these works, we have proposed the idea of the W8−curvature tensor in generalized Sasakian-space- forms. The main goal of this paper is to investigate the curvature properties of generalized Sasakian-space-forms that satisfy the conditions ξ − W8− flatness, ϕ − W8−semi-symmetric, W8 · Q = 0, W8 · R = 0 and to prove some interesting results.


Sasakian space form, generalized Sasakian space form, ϕ−recurrent, ϕ-symmetric, ϕ-semisymmetric, W8- curvature tensor, Einstein manifold, η-Einstein manifold.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v48i0.961


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