On Characterization of δ-Topological Vector Space

Shallu Sharma, Tsering Landol, Sahil Billawria


The main objective of this paper is to present the study of δ-topological vector space, δ-topological vector space are defined by using δ-open sets and δ-continuous mapping which was introduced by J.H.H. Bayati[3] in 2019. In this paper, along with basic inherent properties of the space, δ-closure and δ-interior operators are discussed in detail. We characterize some important properties like translation, dilation of the δ-topological vector space and an example of δ-topological vector space is also established.


Regular open set, δ-open set, δ-closed set, δ-continuous mapping and δ-topological vector space.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v40i1.569


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