Robust Fuzzy Graph

A. Sudha, Dr. P. Sundararajan


The idea of fuzzy graphs is crucial for dealing with uncertainty in
day-to-day living situations. In this work, we have a present a work
fuzzy graph associates with robustness model that’s easy, flexible, and
simple. With this model, we have a tendency to address the examination
planning downside below uncertainty supported. Randomness
and unclearness are two very separate types of uncertainty in knowledge.
This study bridges resilient fuzzy graphs and addresses every
type of uncertainty in higher cognitive processes. In this paper we introduce
a type of fuzzy graph relating with robustness is called robust
fuzzy graph and some of its properties. Robust fuzzy graph becomes
a best tool in evidence theory for calculating belief functions, plausibility
functions, spanning functions etc.


Robust; fuzzy graph; Belief measure; Plausibility measure; spanning.

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