Multivalued linear transformations of hyperspaces

R. Ameri, R. A. Borzooei, K. Ghadimi


The purpose of this paper is the study of multivalued linear transformations of hypervector spaces (or hyperspaces) in the sense of Tallini. In this regards first we introduce and study various multivalued linear transformations of hyperspaces and then constitute the categories of hyperspaces with respect the different linear transformations of hyperspaces as the morphisms in these categories. Also, we construct some algebraic hyperoperations on Hom K (V,W), the set of all multivalued linear transformations from a hyperspace V into hyperspaces W, and obtaine their basic properties. Finally, we construct the fundamental functor F from HV K , category of hyperspaces over field K into V K , the category of clasical vector space over K.


hypervector space, multivalued linear transforma- tion, category,fundamental relation

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