Intuitionistic Robust Fuzzy Matrix for the Diagnosis of Stress, Anxiety and Hypertension

K. Revathi, Dr. P. Sundararajan


The mathematical model given here attempts to improve precision
in the diagnosis of stress, anxiety, and hypertension using Intuitionistic
robust fuzzy matrix (IRFM). In practice, the imprecise nature
of medical documentation and the uncertainty of patient information
frequently do not provide the appropriate level of confidence in the
diagnosis. To that purpose, a novel method based on distinct fuzzy
matrices and fuzzy relations is devised, which makes use of the capabilities
of fuzzy logic in describing, understanding, and exploiting
facts and information that are unclear and lack clarity. With the assistance
of 30 doctors, a medical knowledge base is created during the
procedure. The model obtained 95.55%t accuracy in the diagnosis,
demonstrating its utility.


Fuzzy logic; fuzzy matrices; max-min principles; Robust; Intuitionistics.

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