Transversal Core of Intuitionistic Fuzzy k-Partite Hypergraphs

K.K Myithili, R Keerthika


In graph theory, a transversal is a set of vertices incident to every edge
in a graph but in Intuitionistic Fuzzy k-Partite Hypergraph(IFk-PHG),
the transversal is a hyperedge which cuts every hyperedges. In this
article, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Transversal(IFT), minimal IFT, locally
minimal IFT, IFTC(Intuitionistic Fuzzy Transversal Core) of IFk-
PHG has been defined. It has been proved that every IFk-PHG has
a nonempty IFT. Also few of the properties relating to the transversal
of IFk-PHG were discussed.


IFT; minimal IFT; locally minimal IFT; IFTC of IFk- PHG.

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