A Dynamical Analysis of a Mathematical Model on Type-2 Diabetic From Obestiy

G. Gnana Priya, A. Sabarmathi, V.S.V Naga Soundarya Lakshmi


The aim of this research is to construct a model for type-2 diabetic
from obesity using parameters based on the female population in India.
We have introduced two control variables as diet with physical
activity and medication. The positive endemic equilibrium is obtained.
The local and global stability of the model are analyzed with
some specific conditions. Numerical simulations are carried out to exhibit
the flow of variables with controls. Our study mainly highlights
the awareness of metabolic risk by healthy diet, physical activities
and medications.


Obesity, Diabetic, Pontryagain’s maximum principle, Lyapunov function, Stability.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v46i0.1072


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