Antimagic Labeling of Some Degree Splitting Graphs

Chirag Barasara, Palak Prajapati


A graph with q edges is called antimagic if its edges can be labeled with 1, 2, 3, ..., q without repetition such that the sums of the labels of the edges incident to each vertex are distinct.  As Wang et al. [2012], proved that not all graphs are antimagic, it is interesting to investigate antimagic labeling of graph families. In this paper we discussed antimagic labeling of the larger graphs obtained using degree splitting operation on some known antimagic graphs.  As discussed in Krishnaa [2016], antimagic labeling has many applications, our results will be used to expand the network on larger graphs.


Antimagic labeling; Antimagic graph; Graph operation; Degree splitting graph

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