Algorithm Approaches for Shortest Path Problem in an Interval - Valued Triangular Pythagorean Fuzzy Network

Asim Basha M, Mohammed Jabarulla M


It has been proposed to use Pythagorean fuzzy sets (PFS), is an extension of fuzzy sets (FSs), to address uncertainty in practical decision
– making problems. Then the Shortest Path Problem (SPP) is a well
– known network improvement issue with numerous practical applications. Then the shortest Path (SP) and the shortest distance (SD)
in an Interval – valued Pythagorean fuzzy graph (I-VPFG) are found
using a method in the current communication. Nodes and connections are crisp, while the edge weights are I-V triangular Pythagorean
fuzzy numbers (I-VTPFN). Additionally, a numerical example has
been used to demonstrate the suggested strategy.


I - V Pythagorean fuzzy sets (I-VPFS), I – V Pythagorean fuzzy graph (I-VPFG), I – V triangular Pythagorean fuzzy number (IVTPFN), ranking function (RF), I – V Pythagorean fuzzy shortest path problem (I-VPFSPP)

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