Gaussian Tribonacci R-Graceful Labeling of Some Tree Related Graphs

K Sunitha, M Sheriba


Let r be any natural number. An injective function , where  is the Gaussian Tribonacci number in the Gaussian Tribonacci sequence is said to be Gaussian Tribonacci r-graceful labeling if the induced edge labeling such that  is bijective. If a graph G admits Gaussian Tribonacci r-graceful labeling, then G is called a Gaussian Tribonacci r-graceful graph. A graph G is said to be Gaussian Tribonacci arbitrarily graceful if it is Gaussian Tribonacci r-graceful for all r. In this paper we investigate the Path graph , the Comb graph , the Coconut tree graph the regular caterpillar graph , the Bistar graph  and the Subdivision of Bistar graph are Gaussian Tribonacci arbitrarily graceful.


Gaussian Tribonacci sequence, Gaussian Tribonacci graceful labeling, Path graph, Comb graph, Coconut Tree graph, Regular caterpillar graph, Bistar graph and Subdivision of Bistar graph

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