The Forcing Geodetic Cototal Domination Number of a Graph

S L Sumi, V Mary Gleeta, J Befija Minnie


Let  be a geodetic cototal domination set of . A subset  is called a forcing subset for  if  is the unique minimum geodetic cototal domination set containing . The minimum cardinality T is the forcing geodetic cototal domination number of S is denotedby , is the cardinality of a minimum forcing subset of S. The forcing geodetic cototal domination number of ,denoted by , is , where the minimum is takenover all -sets  in . Some general properties satisfied by this concept arestudied. It is shown that for every pair  of integers with ,there exists a connected graph  such that  and . where  isthe geodetic cototal dominating number of .


geodetic set, cototal dominating set, geodetic cototal dominating set, geodetic cototal domination number,forcing geodeticcototal domination number.

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