Polygonal Graceful Labeling of Some Simple Graphs

A Rama Lakshmi, M P Syed Ali Nisaya


Let  be a graph with vertices and edges.  Let andbe the vertex set and edge set of respectively.  A polygonal graceful labeling of a graph  is an injective function , where  is a set of all non-negative integers that induces a bijection , where  is the  polygonal number such that for every edge .  A graph which admits such labeling is called a polygonal graceful graph. For , the above labeling gives triangular graceful labeling. For , the above labeling gives tetragonal graceful labeling and so on. In this paper, polygonal graceful labeling is introduced and polygonal graceful labeling of some simple graphs is studied


Polygonal numbers, Polygonal graceful labeling, Polygonal graceful graph

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v44i0.883


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