Attribute Reduction in Students Selection for a Merit Cum Means Based Scholarship Scheme using Basis in Nano Topological Spaces

Kalarani M, Nithyakala R


The objective of this paper is to identify the key attributes that have a significant impact on the merit cum means-based scholarship selection process, ensuring that the allocation of resources is fair and efficient. Scholarships aid students with limited resources in their pursuit of a college education. The complexity of selecting suitable candidates with multiple characteristics has made it harder to determine the essential factors for deciding whether or not an applicant is eligible. To reduce attributes, we use the concepts of basis, lower and upper approximations of Nano Topological Spaces to identify the most relevant traits that affect scholarship eligibility. By using a systematic approach, decision-making is minimized and resources are allocated more effectively. Administrators can ensure that scholarships reach deserving students in need by focusing on essential attributes. The research will help to improve scholarship awarding methods and increase inclusion and accessibility in higher education.


Basis, attributes, nano topology, core

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