Mixed Picture Fuzzy Graph

K.K. Myithili, C. Nandhini


A new form of picture fuzzy graph has been identified and introduced here as Mixed Picture Fuzzy Graph(MPFG). The picture fuzzy set is made up of the fuzzy set and the intuitionistic fuzzy set. It is helpful when there are multiple options, such as yes, no, rejection and abstain. MPFG, which is dependent on the picture fuzzy relation, is defined in this paper. The properties of various types of degrees, order and size of MPFG are examined. Also some types of MPFG such as  regular, strong, complete and complement of MPFG are introduced and their properties were analysed. As an application part, the concept of MPFG has been applied in instagram and the result has been discussed here.


picture fuzzy graph, MPFG, degree, size & order of MPFG, regular, strong, complete MPFG and complement of MPFG

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v42i0.776


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