On Integer Cordial Labeling of Some Families of Graphs

S Sarah Surya, Lian Mathew, Alan Thomas


An integer cordial labeling of a graph $G(p,q)$ is an injective map $f:V\rightarrow [-\frac{p}{2}...\frac{p}{2}]^*$ or $[-\lfloor{\frac{p}{2}\rfloor}...\lfloor{\frac{p}{2}\rfloor}]$ as $p$ is even or odd, which induces an edge labeling $f^*: E \rightarrow \{0,1\}$ defined by $f^*(uv)=$


1, f(u)+f(v)\geq 0\\

0,\hspace{0.1 cm}\text{otherwise}

\end{cases}$ such that the number of edges labelled with 1 and the number of edges labelled with 0 differ at most by 1. If a graph has integer cordial labeling, then it is called integer cordial graph. In this paper, we have proved that the Banana tree, $K_{1,n} \ast K_{1,m}$, Olive tree, Jewel graph, Jahangir graph, Crown graph admits integer cordial labeling.



Banana tree; Olive tree; Jewel graph; Jahangir graph; Integer cordial labeling

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v42i0.709


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