Some algebraic properties of fuzzy S-acts

M. Haddadi


S-acts, a useful and important algebraic tool, have always been interest to mathematicians, specially to computer scientists. When A. Zadeh introduced the notion of the fuzzy subset in 1965, his idea opened a new direction to reserchers to provide tools in the various elds of mathematics. Here we are going to investigate some algebraic properties of fuzzy S-acts. We rst make an S-act from the fuzzy sub-sets of an S-act A. Then we use this tool to give a characterization for fuzzy S-acts. We then introduce the notion of generated fuzzy S-act by a fuzzy subset of an S-act and give a characterization for the fuzzy actions. And then we dene the notion of indecomposable fuzzy S-act and nd some indecomposable fuzzy actions.


Fuzzy set, Fuzzy acts over fuzzy semigroups.

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