Pairwise Paracompactness

Pallavi S. Mirajakar, P.G. Patil


The purpose of this paper is to introduce and study a new paracompactness in bitopological spaces using (τi, τj)-gωα-closed sets. Further, the properties of (τi, τj)-gωα-closed sets, (τi, τj)-gωα- continuous functions and (τi, τj)-gωα-irresolute maps and (τi, τj)- gωα-paracompact spaces are discussed in bitopological spaces.



(τi, τj)-g∗ωα-closed sets, (τi, τj)-g∗ωα-open sets, (τi, τj)-g∗ωα-continuous and (τi, τj)-g∗ωα-irresolute maps, (τi, τj)-g∗ωα-paracompact spaces.

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