Mathematics and radiotherapy of tumors

Luciano Corso


The present work takes inspiration from the scientific degree plan of the Italian Ministry of Education and has a didactic and cultural character. It pursues three objectives: the first is to make young peo-ple understand the importance of mathematics in medicine; the second is to stimulate students to use mathematical tools to give rational answers in the therapeutic field, in particular in the treatment of some types of nodular tumors; the third is to inform people on the effectiveness of mathematical methods and their indispensability in the rigorous treatment of some human pathologies.Using the experimental data about the development of a tumor, we move on to the analysis of the mathematical models able to allow a rational control of its behavior. The method we used in the develop-ment of this therapeutic process is essentially deterministic, even if some passages implicitly have a probabilistic nature.


population; cells; tumor; carrying capacity; differential equation

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