Mahgoub Transform on Boehmians

Yogesh Khandelwal, Priti Chaudhary


Boehmian’s space is established utilizing an algebraic way that approximate identities or delta sequences and appropriate convolution. The space of distributions can be related to the proper subspace. In this paper, firstly we establish the appropriate Boehmian space, on which the Mahgoub Transformation can be described& function space K can be embedded. We add to more in this, our definitions enhance Mahgoub transform to progressively wide spaces. We additionally explain the functional axioms of Mahgoub transform on Boehmians. Lastly toward the finishing of topic, we analyze with specify axioms and properties for continuity and the enlarged Mahgoub transform, also its inverse regards to∆- convergence and δ.


Mahgoub Transform; the SpaceB(X); the SpaceB(X^M); Boehmian Spaces.

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