H_v-Fields, h/v-Fields

Thomas Vougiouklis


Last decades the hyperstructures have a lot of applications in mathematics and in other sciences. These applications range from biomathematics and hadronic physics to linguistic and sociology. For applications the largest class of the hyperstructures, the H v -structures, is used, they satisfy the weak axioms where the non-empty intersection replaces the equality. The main tools in the theory of hyperstructures are the fundamental relations which connect, by quotients, the H v -structures with the corresponding classical ones. These relations are used to define hyperstructures as H v -fields, H_v-vector spaces and so on, as well. The extension of the reproduction axiom, from elements to fundamental classes, introduces the extension of H_v-structures to the class of h/v-structures. We focus our study mainly in the relation of these classes and we present some constructions on them.


hope; H v -structure; h/v-structure; H v -field; h/v-field

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v33i0.386


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