Helix-Hopes on S-Helix Matrices

Souzana Vougioukli, Thomas Vougiouklis


A hyperproduct on non-square ordinary matrices can be defined by using the so called helix-hyperoperations. The main characteristic of the helix-hyperoperation is that all entries of the matrices are used. Such operations
cannot be defined in the classical theory. Several classes of non-square matrices have results of the helix-product with small cardinality. We study the helix-hyperstructures on the representations and we extend our study up to Lie-H_v theory by using ordinary fields. We introduce and study the class of S-helix matrices.


hyperstructures; H v -structures; h/v-structures; hope; helix-hopes

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v33i0.385


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