Vougiouklis Contributions in the Field of Algebraic Hyperstructures

Bijan Davvaz


Thomas Vougiouklis was born in 1948,  Greece. He  has many contributions to algebraic hyperstructures. $H_v$-structures are  some of his main contributions. In this article, we study some of Vougiouklis ideas in the field of algebraic hyperstructures as follows: (1) Semi-direct hyperproduct of two hypergroups; (2) Representation of hypergroups; (3) Fundamental relation in hyperrings; (4) Commutative rings obtained from hyperrings; (5) $H_v$-structures; (6) The uniting elements method; (7) The e-hyperstructures;
(8) Helix-hyperoperations.


hyperoperation, hypergroup, hyperring, $H_v$-group, $H_v$-ring, fundamental relation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v33i0.380


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