Weak and weak*I^K-convergence in normed spaces

Mahendranath Paul, Amar Kumar Banerjee


The main object of this paper is to study the concept of weak $I^K$-convergence, a generalization of weak $I^*$-convergence of sequences in a normed space, introducing the idea of weak* $I^K$-convergence of sequences of functionals where $I,K$ are two ideals on $\mathbb{N}$, the set of all positive integers. Also we have studied the ideas of weak $I^K$ and weak* $I^K$-limit points to investigate the properties in the same space.


weak $I^K$-Convergence, weak* $I^K$-Convergence, Condition AP($I,K$), weak $I^K$-Limit Points, weak* $I^K$-Limit Points.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v47i0.882


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