Application Of Homotopy To The Ageing Process Of Human Bone

Vidhya K.R, Parvathy C.R


This article presents the ageing process of human bone which can play a major role in the structure of the human body from the concept of homotopy in algebraic topology. The structure of the human bone, which is precisely connected is consider here to be topologically equivalent to a cylinder. The elegant but complex skeletal shape of the human bone is described by the Cartesian functions of α = S1 X I and H, H' : α -> α. The bone shape of the human body at an early stage. That is the bone shape of the newborn is called α = S1 X I homotopy. The process of continuous ageing bone is considered to be family of homotopy based on its functions. The study discusses algebraic topology of homotopies through the homotopy of stable functions of the human bone from infancy to old age.


Homomorphism, Homotopy, Homology, Chain complex, Topological Space.

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