Non-deterministic-M-fuzzy Lattices

Gireesan K.K., Annie Sabitha Paul, Sabu Sebastian


Goran Trajakoviski and Tepavcevic´invented the L-fuzzy lattice  in which a ´ bounded lattice is fuzzified using a complete lattice. Using a complete consistent distributive multilattice M, we broaden the concept of L-fuzzy lattice to Nd-M-fuzzy lattice in this study. We also introduce the idea of Nd-M-order relation on a set X. Additionally, we demonstrated that the equivalent condition for a Nd-M-fuzzy subset to be a Nd-M-fuzzy sublattice of a bounded lattice L.


Nd-M-fuzzy subset, Nd-M-fuzzy Relation, Nd-M-fuzzy lattice.

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