Nano δI-closed Sets in Nano Ideal Topological Spaces

M.Karthigai Jothi, K Palani


This article investigates the notion of N-δI-closed sets and its properties in ideal nano topological space using the closure operator NclδI(S)={xÎՍ/ Nint(Ncl*(W))∩ S ≠ ∅, for each WÎWN(x)}. We establish NclδI(S) is the intersection of all N-δI-closed supersets of S and NintδI(S) is the union of all N-δI-open subsets of S in this space. Apart from that N-δI-closed sets occurs between the class of Nδ-closed sets and N-closed sets. Moreover, we explore the concepts of N-δI-interior, N-δI-Exterior, N-δI-Border, and N-δI-Frontier and discuss its properties.


nano δI-open sets, nano δI-closed sets, nano ideal topological space.

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