Fuzzy dominator coloring on fuzzy soft graphs

Jahir Hussain Rasheed, Afya Farhana


A fuzzy soft dominator colouring of a fuzzy soft graph $G^S$(T,V) is an appropriate fuzzy soft colouring such that every single vertex of $G^S$(T,V) dominate entire vertex of a colour group. In the present work, we initiate fuzzy dominator colouring on fuzzy soft path, fuzzy soft cycle, complete fuzzy soft graph, complete fuzzy soft bipartite graph and its fuzzy soft dominator chromatic number is presented as well as bounds for fuzzy soft dominator chromatic number on fuzzy soft graph is established.


Fuzzy Soft Graph, Fuzzy dominator chromatic number, Fuzzy soft path, Fuzzy soft cycle, Strong arcs.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23755/rm.v48i0.1153


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