Antonio Maturo, Barbara Ferri


In some recent laws about the determination of the rents and of the estimated income of properties, it is required a subdivision of the municipal area in homogeneous zones on the basis of assigned criteria. For this reason in many cities, as it also appeared in some daily newspapers, it has been made a crisp classification of the set of buildings. In some our papers we have observed that the peculiarities of the buildings change in a "not sharp" way and so a fuzzy classification seems more suitable.In this paper, starting from the concept of join space associated to a fuzzy set, we study the relations between fuzzy partitions and commutative hypergroups. More in general, we introduce the concepts of "qualitative linear fuzzy set" and we show the relations among the families of these sets, fuzzy partitions and commutative hypergroups. The aim of the study is to show that the commutative hypergroups are a useful tool to study problems on the evaluation in town-planning. In particular, from the blocks associated to a suitable commutative hypergroup, we single out "almost homogeneous" areas and we can determine, in such areas, the fluctuation of the rents and of the values of the buildings.


Commutative hypergroups, Fuzzy classifications. Evaluation in Architecture and in Town-planning, Qualitative fuzzy sets

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