The Simplicity of Disproving the Theory of Special Relativity

Denis Thomas


Einstein’s theory of Special relativity is founded on an error made by Hendrick Lorentz.  It is not necessary to expose the mathematical inconsistencies of special relativity, since the theory collapses by simply exposing the error made by Lorentz.  In doing so, it not only causes special relativity to collapse, but also general relativity, and the many theories built upon these two deceptive theories. 

There are many claims of tests made which supposedly prove SR or GR, such as the eclipse of 1919, the Hafele-Keating experiment, GPS, the orbit of Mercury, and muons.  The error of these will also be shown as well as an area of astronomy which has been negatively impacted by SR.

The epistemology approach to special relativity: you can know it is a false theory when the theory requires deceiving the student for acceptance and the tests which support the theory can be proven false.  

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