S & P: Call for Papers

Science & Philosophy
Journal of Epistemology, Science and Philosophy
ISSN  2282-7757 [Printed] – ISSN 2282-7765  [Online]

The  editors  are  collecting  contributions  for  Science  &  Philosophy which  is  an  International,  peer-reviewed, open access journal, published every six months (June-December). Science & Philosophy is a multidisciplinary journal and aims to publish original research articles but also short communication and review papers of general significance that are written clearly and well organized.

The journal is a source of information for professionals in a wide range of scientific discipline.
Both English and Italian languages are accepted for publications.
The publication is free of charge.
The instructions for authors can be downloaded at:

Papers submitted to Science & Philosophy must be original unpublished work and should not be in consideration for publication elsewhere. The papers can be sent to: