S & P: Review Policies

The journal does not reveal the identity of reviewers to author(s), and takes care to mask any identifying marks on reviews to maintain the reviewers’ anonymity.

The first responsibility of peer reviewers is to respond by the date indicated within the message accompanying the manuscript. If you are unable to review or return the manuscript by that date, please notify the editorial office as soon as possible so that the manuscript can be sent out to another reviewer without delay.

The unpublished manuscript is a privileged document. Please protect it from any form of exploitation. If you believe that you cannot judge a given article impartially, please advise the editorial office with that explanation.

You are not requested to correct mistakes in grammar, but any help in this regard will be appreciated.

In your review, please consider the following aspects as you evaluate the overall quality of the manuscript: importance, originality, clarity, organization, accuracy, methodology, results, interpretation, references.

Reviewers should send the review form to one of the following mail addresses:




The review form covers all the information required from a reviewer for the editors to evaluate the manuscript.

Please, download the review form from the journal website at the following link: