Ratio Mathematica

Journal of Mathematics, Statistics and Applications

Ratio Mathematica is an International, double peer-reviewed, open access journal, published every six months (June-December). This periodical has a long tradition, indeed its first issue was published in 1990. It aims to publish original research articles in the fields of Mathematics and Statistics. However, contributions with applications of Mathematics and Statistics to Social Science, Business Administration, Engineering, Programming, Economics, Management, Fuzzy Logic, and Probability, are welcome. Only English-language publications are accepted. 

The main topics of interest for Ratio Mathematica  are:

Foundations of Mathematics: Epistemology of Mathematics, Critique of the Foundations of Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics from a higher point of view, Elementary Theory of Numbers, Foundations of Mathematics of Uncertain; Criticism of the Foundations of Computer Science.

Applications of Mathematics: Applications to Engineering and Economics, Applications for Management and Business Administration, Decision making in conditions of uncertainty, Theory of Games, Fuzzy Logic and Applications, Probability, Statistics and Applications.

New theories and applications: Algebraic hyperstructures and Applications, Discrete Mathematics and Applications, Fuzzy structures.

New theories and practices for dissemination and communication of mathematics: Communication of History and Fundations, Communication of Discrete Mathematics, Communication of Probability and Statistics, Communication with Media.

Papers submitted to Ratio Mathematica Journal must be original unpublished work and should not be in consideration for publication elsewhere.

Indexed by: Google Scholar, Genamics JournalSeek (March 2017)
The indexing procedures were initiated in late 2016, then short the magazine will be indexed on the main international databases.

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Ratio Mathematica
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Ratio Mathematica


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Migliori, Stefania (Pescara, Italy)
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