HoPUE (Housing Policies and Urban Economics) – Introduction and presentation of the Journal

Housing Policies and Urban Economics (HopUE) is an international scientific peer reviewed journal focused on housing policies and integrated urban planning, analyzed in the wider disciplinary context of the urban economics. Contemporary urban planning is the main object of investigation, so to develop the economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions of regeneration for ancient city and changing areas.
In agreement with the epistemological character pertaining to the other Eiris journals, HopUE collects contributions, studies and best practices of different nations to address the emerging urban challenges which require competitiveness, efficiency, inclusion, presence of network, services for cities.
Urban policies have experienced profound changes: strategic documents of the EU program have placed the need for a broader view of decision-making; the experience of the Strategic Plan of the City has introduced the need for a shared vision of development through which to interpret the urban context, considering the local needs and involving several institutional, social, economic and cultural stakeholders; territorial integrated projects have fostered effective systemic effects of interventions, through objectives and works centered in specific areas; the most recent orientations of urban planning have proposed structural and operational approaches, with the consequent overcoming of the traditional tools for territorial governance.
The themes for Housing Policies and Urban Economics concern: national and international debate on the problems of contemporary living, analyzed both in urban and building terms, both in relation to the administrative and participatory aspects to encourage investments; evaluative questions to compare and guide the public decision-making in the transformation and regeneration of urban areas, analyzed in the framework of the relationship between territory and economic activities; conservation and enhancement of value of architectural heritage in ancient or more recent cities; externalities arising by the processes of cultural planning; issues relating to the use of public space and territorial welfare, with reference to accessibility to services, conciliation between life and work times, and suitable functions required for the urban living; issues of sustainable urban mobility, analyzed also in relation to the policy objectives of the European urban transport; regeneration of the suburban areas and preservation of agricultural land and landscape.

History and Editorial Board

Honorary Editor is Antonio Maturo, Full Professor of Mathematical Methods for Economics, a scientist of the Mathematical Models of Social Sciences and Architecture. In 1995 we began a research on mathematical models to support the evaluation of urban plans at the Faculty of Architecture in Pescara. The study started from the complex programs of urban intervention established in Italy in the early 90s; these programs required tools to analyze the feasibility of investments for transparency and fairness of the interventions and to support decisions characterized by complexity and uncertainty.
The members of the Editorial Board represent all the above themes: university professors, scholars and researchers related to the fields of urbanism, evaluation and economics applied to territorial issues, architectural historians, location theorists, macro-economists, sociologists, mathematicians, statisticians, technologists, epistemologists.

I thank Prof. Franco Eugeni for his active and continuous engagement in the dissemination of Science, Philosophy and issues pertaining to the relationship between Economy and Territory; Prof. Ezio Sciarra for his skilful contribution to research on the issues of Welfare; Prof. Giuseppe Manuppella, promoter and curator of the Information technology (IT) services of HoPUE.

Barbara Ferri


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ISSN 2385-0671
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Copertina HoPUE

Honorary Chief Editor
Antonio Maturo


Chief Editor
Barbara Ferri

Advisory Editors Mauro D’Incecco
Franco Eugeni
Raffaella Radoccia
Ezio Sciarra
Ottavia Aristone, Pescara, Italy
Silvia Bortot, Trento, Italy
Monica Cannaviello, Aversa, Italy
Maria Cerreta, Napoli, Italy
Vincenzo Corsi, Chieti, Italy
Salvador Cruz Rambaud, Almería, Spain
Pasquale De Toro, Napoli, Italy
Amedeo Di Maio, Napoli, Italy
Luigi Fusco Girard, Napoli, Italy
Francesco Girasante, Pescara, Italy
Adriano Ghisetti Giavarina, Pescara, Italy
Sarka Hoskova-Mayerova , Brno, Czech Republic
Janusz Kacpryzk, Warsaw, Poland
Fabrizio Maturo, Pescara, Italy
Gianmichele Panarelli, Chieti, Italy
Ricardo Alberto Marques Pereira, Trento, Italy
Antonio Rosato, Aversa, Italy
Pietro Rostirolla, Napoli, Italy
José Luis Sarasola Sánchez-Serrano, Sevilla, Spain
Daniela Soitu, Iasi, Romania
Alexandra Sotiropoulou, Atene, Greece
Massimo Squillante, Benevento, Italy
Stefano Stabilini, Milano, Italy
Stefano Stanghellini, Venezia, Italy
Gabriele Tomei, Pisa, Italy
Carmelo Torre, Bari, Italy
Claudio Varagnoli, Pescara, Italy
Aldo Saverio Ventre, Aversa, Italy
Viviana Ventre, Benevento, Italy
Matthias Theodor Vogt, Görlitz, Germany
Antonella Violano, Aversa, Italy
Nicholas You, Guangdong, China
Lucio Zazzara, Pescara, Italy
Roberto Zedda, Milano, Italy
External Referees Stefano Cecamore, Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” di Chieti – Pescara
Lia Giancristofaro, Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” di Chieti – Pescara
Maria Granata, Università degli Studi di Palermo
Michele Lepore, Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” di Chieti – Pescara
Stefano Pasotti, Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” di Chieti – Pescara
Francesca Torrieri, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Antonella Trombadore, Università degli Studi di Firenze

Editorial Manager
and Webmaster
Giuseppe Manuppella, Pescara, Italy
Graphic design
Fabio Manuppella, Pescara, Italy
Cver making and
Content Pagination
Fabio Manuppella, Pescara, Italy
Legal Manager
Bruna Di Domenico, Pescara, Italy

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